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Capacity or Cubic Measure - Conversion Factors
Due to the confusing nature of US versus Imperial Liquid and dry measures, we have shown separate tables for the various systems, giving the appropriate conversion factors to convert to litres. From this, you should be able to convert from one system to another relatively easily.
Imperial Measures to Metric
To Convert To Multiply By
Minim (UK) Litres 5.91939E-05
Fluid drachm (UK) Litres 0.00355163
Fluid ounce (UK) Litres 0.0284131
Gill (UK) Litres 0.142065
Pint (UK) Litres 0.568261
Quart (UK) Litres 1.13652
Gallon (UK) Litres 4.54609
Peck (UK) Litres 9.09218
Bushel (UK) Litres 36.3687
US Liquid Measures to Metric
To Convert To Multiply By
Minim (US) Litres 6.16115E-05
Fluid dram (US) Litres 0.00369669
Liquid ounce (US) Litres 0.0295735
Gill (US) Litres 0.118294
Liquid pint (US) Litres 0.473176
Liquid quart (US) Litres 0.946353
Gallon (US) Litres 3.785411784
Barrel (US) Litres 158.987
US Dry Measures to Metric
To Convert To Multiply By
Dry pint (US) Litres 0.55061
Dry quart (US) Litres 1.10122
Peck (US) Litres 8.80977
Bushel (US) Litres 35.2391
Dry barrel (US) Litres 115.627
Miscellaneous Cubic Measures
To Convert To Multiply By
Cubic mm Litres 0.000001
Cubic cm Litres 0.001
Cubic dm Litres 1
Cubic m Litres 1000
Cubic km Litres 1E+12
Cubic in Litres 0.016387064
Cubic ft Litres 28.316846
Cubic yd Litres 764.554858
Cubic mile Litres 4.16818E+12