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Force - Conversion Factors
To convert the units in the (pink) "Convert From" field to the units in the (violet) "To" field, multiply by the factor in the (grey) "Multiply by..." field.
To Convert From: Dynes
Joules/cm 0.0000001
Kilograms 0.00000102
Pounds 0.000002248
Joules/meter (Newtons) 0.00001
Poundals 0.00007233
Grams 0.00102
To Convert From: Grams
Dynes 980.7
To Convert From: Kilograms
Poundals 70.93
Dynes 980665
To Convert From: Newton
Dynes 100000
To Convert From: Poundals
Joules/cm 0.001383
Kilograms 0.0141
Pounds 0.03108
Joules/meter (Newtons) 0.1383
Grams 14.1
Dynes 13826
To Convert From: Pounds
Poundals 32.17
Dynes 444823