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Density - Conversion Factors
To convert the units in the (pink) "Convert From" field to the units in the (violet) "To" field, multiply by the factor in the (grey) "Multiply by..." field.
To Convert From: Grains/imp. gallon
Parts/million 14.286
To Convert From: Grains/US gallon
Parts/million 17.118
Pounds/million gal 142.86
To Convert From: Grams/cu. cm
Pounds/mil-foot 3.405E-07
Pounds/cu. in 0.03613
Pounds/cu. ft 62.43
To Convert From: Grams/liter
Pounds/cu. ft 0.062427
Pounds/1000 gal 8.345
Grains/gal 58.417
Parts/million 1000
To Convert From: Kilograms/cu meter
Pounds/mil-foot 3.405E-10
Pounds/cu in 0.00003613
Grams/cu cm 0.001
Pound/cu ft 0.06243
To Convert From: Milligrams/liter
Parts/million 1
To Convert From: Pounds/cu ft
Pounds/mil-foot 5.456E-09
Pounds/cu in 0.0005787
Grams/cu cm 0.01602
Kgs/cu meter 16.02
To Convert From: Pounds/cu in
Pounds/mil-foot 0.000009425
Gms/cu cm 27.68
Pounds/cu ft 1728
Kgs/cu meter 27680